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The BC Ministry of Forests and Range (MFR) is comprised of 5 Divisions: BC Timber Sales, Corporate Services, Tenures & Revenue, Forest Stewardship, and Operations. Forest Stewardship and Operations Divisions house invasive plant management activities. Within the Forest Stewardship Division, the Forest Practices Branch (FPB) is home to the Biocontrol Development Program where new biological control agents are developed for use in British Columbia. Range Branch, located within the Operations Division, contains the Invasive Plant Program, where field delivery of invasive plant management activities is conducted.

Forest Stewardship Division / Forest Practices Branch / Biocontrol Development Program

When invasive plants are no longer controllable within the province by mechanical or chemical means, biological control is pursued. Biocontrol Development Program staff are responsible for the research and development of new biological control agents, known as “primaries”. This involves developing biological control priorities for invasive plants (in consultation with the Invasive Plant Program and the Inter-Ministry Invasive Plant Working Group), enabling screening of potential biocontrol agents to ensure that no collateral damage occurs as a result of their release, propagation, release and monitoring of the agents, and development of the agents into operational tools for use by the Invasive Plant Program and their clients.

Biocontrol Development Program staff:

Susan Turner - Invasive Plant Biocontrol Specialist:
Sandy Cesselli - Invasive Plant Biocontrol Field Technician:
Marsha DeWolf - Invasive Plant Biocontrol Propagation Technician:

Operations Division / Range Branch / Invasive Plant Program

The Invasive Plant Program is responsible for inventory and control of new and existing invasive plant incidences on Crown land in BC. Program staff are responsible for logistics planning, client interactions, and legislative aspects related to preventing the introduction or spread of invasive plants. Implemented control strategies are consistent with the principles of integrated pest management. Treatment methods include prevention, cultural, manual / mechanical, chemical and biological control. In terms of the latter, the program is the supplier of operational biocontrol agents, known as “secondaries” or “tertiaries”. Monitoring is an essential follow-up to treatments in order to measure efficacy and make adjustments to future treatments. This program works in co-operation with the many local invasive plant/weed committees established across the province.

Invasive Plant Program staff:

Val Miller - Invasive Plant Officer:
Bob Drinkwater – Invasive Plant Specialist (Northern Interior):
Catherine MacRae - Invasive Plant Specialist (Southern Interior):
Percy Folkard – Invasive Plant Agrologist (Southern Interior):
Jeff Hallworth - Invasive Plant Specialist (Coast):