Forest Worker Safety

The Ministry of Forests and Range has a long-standing commitment to forest worker safety and has developed a Forest Worker Safety Strategy to strengthen this commitment. In collaboration with the BC Forest Safety Council, WorkSafeBC and industry, the Ministry of Forests and Range supports the drive toward the goal of ‘zero fatalities’. The ministry’s vision is to be a strategic and collaborative leader of forest worker safety in British Columbia. In achieving the vision, the ministry places a high priority on the health and safety of all workers, a culture of safety, increased safety awareness and knowledge, public safety and safe practices on Crown forest land.

The Forest Worker Safety Strategy is founded on four core principles:

  • Leadership, collaboration and cooperation are essential to create and maintain a culture of forest worker safety
  • Forest worker safety is a shared responsibility and all parties must understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Effective communication is a critical requirement for a high level of safety awareness, and instilling a culture of forest worker safety
  • Continuous improvement of forest worker safety will be achieved through setting measurable objectives, measuring performance and reporting

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