Delegation of Minister's Powers and Duties

The following matrices identify those minister's powers that have been delegated to ministry officials under:

The following memo delegates the minister's powers and duties, as authorized by the Land Title and Survey Authority Act and the Operating Agreement of the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, to the Surveyor General and Deputy Surveyor General and is not subject to revisions of the matrices:

Delegation of an authority does not necessarily preclude the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations from exercising that authority.


Designation of Minister's Powers and Duties

The following acts contain provisions which allow the minister to designate or authorize a person to carry out powers and duties under that provision:


Minister's Appointments

The following memos identify those officials appointed as:



The following matrix identifies those officials appointed as Deputy Regional Executive Directors and Deputy District Managers:


The documents above are provided for information purposes only and may change at any time, without notice. Although every effort has been made to keep this page current, it may not reflect all of the delegations, designations, appointments, or deputizations made to date by the Minister.
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